Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Fun: Farmers Market

If you haven't been already, this is the time.  

Quit your grocery store produce section and go to your farmers market.

I am a farmers market fanatic.  I kinda want to live on a farm right now.  And this weekend I found another favorite farmers market to add to my already long list of Minnesota favorites (you can see a list of all my favorites and more links on the "summer fun" page.  Heaven help us if there aren't farmers markets in Winston-Salem next year.  Oh wait, I just checked.  I think there is one.  Whew.  You can all stop holding your breath.  

But this weekend, we found the Mill City Farmers Market for the first time.  To die for. Its in the shadow of the Guthrie Theater, next to the Mill City Museum, and we walked:

All local farmers and small businesses:

Everything from handmade rugs to my new favorite skirts from Sassy Knitwear,

And, I found a new farm selling free-range chickens for less than the farm I had been buying from previously.  If I tell you their name, you might buy them all before I get some next weekend. 
 Just kidding, its called Sunshine Harvest Farms.  I can't wait to get more chickens.

The reason my salads are looking better these days?  Need you ask?

Here is a great guide to buying local, seasonal produce in Minnesota.  It can help you plan your meals and market trips:

Check out all the great Minnesota Farmers Markets at  We love them.  You will too.

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SnoWhite said...

oh... I might need a conversation with you about Farmers Markets when we move!! We LOVE {and go frequently} to Farmer's Markets!!