Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Carolina on my mind

Piles of laundry to fold....
......last minute emails to return....... empty refrigerator..........

it's must be time for a trip!

Tomorrow the kids and I are on a flight (6am! Alone!  No Prince! Yikes!) to North Carolina.  We get to visit my new nephew TT, his two older sisters, and Uncle T and Aunt K.  G-Bear is excited, E-Bear doesn't have a clue, I can't wait.  I will also get to see Winston-Salem for the first time while we are there, along with the OB/GyN department and the medical center.  But mostly we will just play with our family.

A few quick updates from the home front:  G-Bear is still doing great without her pacifier at bedtime, E-Bear's vocabulary is EXPLODING, my sourdough starter smells great but totally failed to rise my bread (it made a very tasty bread brick, however) and somehow I have had 3 conversations about infertility with new friends in the past week.  Maybe its time for a NaPro post, because I bet dollars to donuts you haven't heard about it before.

The best part of my day so far?  Waking up G-Bear.  "Mommy, here is a spot for you," she said, offering me a postage-stamp-sized area of her comforter, "would you like to lay down with me?  Mommy, I think you are scrumptious."  Thank you, Sesame Street, for your Word on the Street podcasts and for teaching my daughter such a nice word.  G-Bear, I think YOU are scrumptious. E-Bear, you too, buddy.

I am thanking God for all His gifts today and rejoicing in His love.

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B-Mama said...

Hope you all had a peaceful flight today! Enjoy your time just south of us! Can't wait until you're there for good! :) And BTW, your bears ARE scrumptious!