Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fabulous 4th Highlights


Who doesn't love the Fourth of July?

Especially when its filled with family, friends and festivities?

And....even better without trauma call! This was our first 4th off call since T's intern year!

Our fun began on Friday (note the paucity of blog posts last week?  Read: lots of preparation and fun going on !).  My cousins, R & K were in town with baby BEE.   After a long day at the Preserve Pool together (a pool that looks like a lake, complete with chlorine and a sandy bottom! The best of both worlds) we had a festive family "Welcome BEE" party. We LOVE baby BEE.  

Can you tell we are fans? 
Sweet and mellow, yet a budding red-head.  Just like her mama :)

Saturday we were whisked away for three days at GG's Wisconsin cabin for our family's 90th Fourth of July at Lake Nebagamon.  Sound like a Garrison Keillor novel?  Feel like I am holding back stories on you?  

I am.  

You'll just have to be patient.  

Because the kids are waking up....the laundry is being washed.....the dishes are being cleaned....another week is starting.   But don't worry.  There is plenty to still share about the last one :)

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