Tuesday, July 6, 2010

God loves...

Overheard in our house today:

Me: "G-Bear, I am sorry for taking your cup.  I though you were done drinking, sweetie."
G-Bear, sniffling: "I still wanted my cup to drink my water."
Me: "I am sorry.  Can you forgive me?"
G-Bear:  "I forgive you, mom.  Jesus still loves me, even if you take my cup."
Me (trying to hide my surprise): "That's right, G-Bear, Jesus does still love you."
G-Bear: "And you know what?  Even if E-Bear hits me in the face, Jesus still loves him and he still loves me and he still loves you.  
Me (now super impressed, because hitting is the ultimate no-no in our house.  You mean God still loves you even if you do the ultimate no-no?):  "You are right, G-Bear,"
G-Bear:  "And He sends his angels to help you when you take my cup away."  

Thank goodness.

My three-year-old has trouble putting on her pants.  She can't reach the sink without a stool.  She can't read.  But she has a lot to teach me about loving God and how much He loves us.

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