Friday, July 23, 2010

Flying Solo

A gorgeous view, though not from my window.  I wish.

A Series of Haiku: 
"Flying Alone with Two Children"

Part One:
E-Bear and G-Bear
You surpass expectations.
I woke you at four.

Part Two:
Dear security,
you took our peanut butter
and ruined our breakfast.

Part Three:
My polite children,
Your behavior is better
than many adults.

Part Four:
Thank you, God, for our
Nana, who got a gate pass
and saved us in time.

The best part of haiku is that I am sure you can fill the poetic pauses with your own mental images of what our trip was like.  Honestly, I would fly alone with my children again.  Which is good, because that is the only way we can get home next week.  The looks of adults around me is always priceless, because they either can completely empathize with my epic journey (likely having done it themselves), or they are mentally pooping their pants in fear and disgust.   

And, don't ever tell me the name of the security guard who stole my beloved organic Trader Joe's peanut butter out of my carry-on as we passed through security: 
Me: "Please wait, I have a utensil and our bread is sliced. Can I at least put some on our bread before you throw it away?" 
Security: "No, we are not allowed to let you do that once you come through the line."  
Me: "But I could get out of line, take it back out into the atrium and put it on our bread out there?"  Security: "Sure, but then you would miss your flight.  Look how long the line is."
Saints in heaven, pray for me.  I was not thinking nice thoughts.  

Hope your summer travel tales are as enjoyable and memorable.  

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