Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Catch a Big Fish, By G-Bear

This week, G-Bear learned how to catch a fish.

A biiiiiiig fish.  

Looks yummy, huh?

Now, to catch a fish this big, you must first get your worms.  

(Mommy, um, mommy.  He is trying to crawl!  He is trying to crawl OUT!)

Then, find a fisherman and have him teach you to bait your hook....
(Uncle Scott is pretty good at that)

...and help you throw your cast.

Then, watch your bobber. Waaaaaatch it.  

And try not to look too surprised when you catch a fish.... (Especially you, mommy)
(E-Bear, watch the shovel in the fish bucket, buddy.)

...or look too scared...

And the next time you throw a cast, find a safe spot. 
'Cause now we know that there might actually be a fish on the end of that pole when it comes out.

Shoot, thinks G-Bear.  Sure enough.  Caught another one.  

I kid you not, someone caught a fish off our dock every time the hook went in the water.  We had 8 fish in our bucket in about 10 minutes.  Including the delicious looking walleye below.  Far from being impressed, G-Bear was not going near the fish as they came out of the water.  "Mommy, they're too squishy and wigg-wy."

Now you know how to catch a fish, G-Bear style.

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