Sunday, March 14, 2010

Snowmen beware...Spring is here!

Ah, spring arrived even to the hinterland of Minnesota today: we had a high of 63 degrees and the first sunshine in a week after 7 days of gloomy rain. But oh, what a day it was! It was so warm today that even our monster Christmas Eve snowman, who withstood the entirety of the winter months, couldn't persevere.
Here is a picture of us with Snowman-the-Magnificent in front of MoMo and Papa's house on Christmas Eve. He was nearly as tall as T, complete with a carrot nose, stick arms and mouth and bush rosettes for eyes. G-Bear has enjoyed saying hello to him every week since then when we go to visit MoMo and Papa.

Today, at long last, was a different story. Mercifully, the grass has reappeared and upon our visit only a small, lone pile of snow remained, conspicuously located where Snowman-the-Magnificent used to reside.

Oh well. So long, friend. Maybe we will see you again.....just not anytime soon, please. Happy Spring!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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A said...

Yea! Spring is coming, Spring is coming! And the pics of G- & E-Bear on your sidebar are too cute to even handle. Love them! Miss all of you.