Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let's get some gas...

Green Eggs and Ham has been a storytime favorite around our house lately. We were driving home this afternoon for naps when we passed the corner BP gas station and the following conversation occurred:

G-Bear: "Hey mommy, how 'bout we get some gas?"
Me: "Um, sweetie, that gas is sort of expensive. Why don't we wait and get some gas for the car tonight at Sam's Club on our way to dinner with MoMo and Papa?"
G-Bear: "What?"
Me: "Gas costs less money at Sam's Club. How about we get it there on our way to dinner?"
G-Bear: "oh, some Sam-I-Am gas? That's a good idea!"
Me: "No, sweetie, Sam's Club..."
G-Bear: "No, Sam-I-Am gas! Let's get it there before dinner!"

Hmmm, wouldn't Dr. Seuss and Sam Walton be delighted to be so closely linked?

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