Monday, March 22, 2010

Lions, hippos, giraffes, oh my!

T is back at Tenwek after a weekend safari in the Masai Mara National Game Reserve. He was told on Friday by one of the Tenwek administrators that he would be staying in tents in the game park. He packed himself, preparing to sleep on the ground, with plenty of water and some food for the two day trip. After traveling over 3 hours by rough, tough "roads" they arrived at the park and pulled up to.....The Fairmont Hotel??!! You should see the pictures of this place--easily the most luxurious place T has stayed in a long time, perhaps his whole life! Needless to say, T was not sleeping going to be sleeping on the floor, but in an amazing, palatial tent hotel "room" right next to the Mara River.

According to T: "We were sitting on the deck eating lunch alongside the river when a crock swam through...Next thing you know a herd of 15-20 hippos
swing by..." Who knew hippos swam in herds?! "One minute you think you're going to have to sleep in shifts as to be on the lookout for lions, the next minute you're sipping Kenyan tea and eating lamb chops next to the swimming pool!" This is the point when I start thinking, 'hey, wait a minute.....mission trip much?'

Needless to say, I am breathlessly awaiting the pictures when he returns. He saw a cheetah (super rare), 2 lions, 4 elephants, several giraffe, 4 rhino, lots of gazelle, wildebeast, warthog, all in an open air land cruiser with no ceiling, open windows and elevated seating.

After all his fun, he still won me over by saying, "I would have given just about anything for you to have been here this weekend." Aww, that's my guy, and I am crazy about him. He also said he couldn't help wondering what G-Bear's reaction would have been. I think I am pretty sure I know the answer: "Oh, wook, daddy, chweeta. He's pooping."

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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