Sunday, March 21, 2010

Overheard in the house this week...

As the week comes to a close, here are the top 6 things overheard in our house this week.

6. "Papa! Papa! Come see! The fower BOOMED! It's purple with wellow." G-Bear to Papa, eager to show off the blooming flower in the "Watch 'Em Grow" flower pot he gave us last weekend.

5. "Good job, mommy, your not a baby any more!" ~G-Bear to me, after I used the restroom successfully.

4. Me to G-Bear, as we looked at a family picture: "Do you know where E-Bear is in this picture?"
G-Bear: "Where?"
Me: "He is right there, in Mommy's belly. Baby E-Bear is in my belly in that picture."
G-Bear: "Oh, how does he get out?"
Me (perhaps against my better judgement): "Well, I had to push him out of my bottom."
G-Bear, laughing: "Silly Mommy, that's not how he comes out. That's just for poopy."

3. "Nah! Nah! Bah ba gible yahma mam gabi nama yima gabaa pa! Nah!" ~E-Bear, frustrated and letting me know it.

2. "Sawweee." Amazingly, E-Bear to G-Bear after I told him to say sorry for wrestling with her over a book.

1. "I need my daddy. I need my daddy to feel better." ~G-bear, cute and heartbreaking at the same time.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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A said...

#1 totally gets an "awww!" from me! Wish you could've been with T in his amazing digs, too. You would've looked up from lunch and see E-bear riding the cheetah, I'm sure!