Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Views from the County Fair

One of the highlights of September each year is our parish festival, the County Fair.  In only two years since we moved here, the Fair has become the much anticipated event following the start of school.  The rides and games, food, music, fun with friends and of course, our one outdoor Mass of the year, make the Fair a favorite event for many families in our parish and community.

Here are views from our County Fair days this year:

The Pirate Ship is always a favored pick.

The swings are much faster than they look.

I couldn't believe that this little guy was big enough to ride,

or that he would want to ride again.

It probably helped that he had his big brother to look up to.

I was blessed enough to get to ride my favorite ride,


 Only one of us cried when we had to get off, but both of us could have shed tears.
A first ride at the Fair is a special event.

What we admired but didn't bid:

 What we admired, bid on, and won!

We even got to bring the kids home with us too!

I know we'll have trouble waiting another whole year for the Fair to return.   

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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A said...

Those chairs (and children!) are too adorable!