Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Taking GG to the Cabin

This year, for Labor Day Weekend, we took GG to her cabin.

Watching another generation enjoy the cabin with GG is a tremendous treat.
All the effort and energy that we put forth to get to the cabin together is worth it.

The cabin hasn't changed much in its 94 years.
It remains the cabin of many memories.

Of course, with a crew our size, tents are required (and thoroughly enjoyed).
MoMo and Papa's tent hasn't changed much in my lifetime either.  
This Labor Day, G-Bear, E-Bear and Buddy Bear got to sleep in the tent.
They chattered with MoMo and Papa late into the night and woke up to read stories with the late-August sunrise.

During the day, our favorite activities always include fishing with Uncle Scott.
Cousin B and Uncle Scott helped our Bears find their worms.

Then, they were out to the end of the dock, where everyone gets a fishing pole and a chance to catch a fish!  G-Bear has become a pro.  Buddy Bear is just a beginner.  I remember when G-Bear was Buddy Bear's size, learning to catch a fish with Uncle Scott.  Those days felt like yesterday as I watched my crew fish the lake.

Looking back to shore, what a sweet sight to see.

J-Bear enjoyed exploring the cabin for the first time.  She was here last summer, but she was just a newborn.  This year, she got to experience the cabin for herself.

Our sweet little J-Bear loved running in the yard, digging in the sandy shore, kicking the soccer ball with her siblings and Big Cousin B, and dipping her toes off the dock with me.

Can you believe that GG was J-Bear's age when the cabin was new?  

The best part of being at GG's cabin is the same today as when it was first built:
 the time spent together.  

Of course we had our traditional fireside dinner with hot dogs, hamburgers and s'mores. 
The corn this year is sweet and delicious!  J-Bear is just like her GG and her siblings.  She loved it!

The view from the pontoon was lovely as usual.  
We rode the boat to town to get an ice cream at the Dairy Queen.
What a blessing it was to give GG yet another tour around the lake.

T and I sat by the fire before heading to bed one night, and we watched the light of the tent and listened to the giggles from the sleeping bags.  Summer days at GG's cabin are sweet.
Thank you, GG, for all of these wonderful memories. 

Thank you, Lord, for GG and such sweet times together.

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