Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Week of School!

We have made it through the first week of school!

This year, G-Bear is in Second Grade.

E-Bear has started half-day Kindergarten.

Buddy Bear is excited for preschool activities at home.

What a big week we have had!

G-Bear had a great first week.  She is excited to be with old friends and is already making new ones. She is remembering the finer points of hot lunch and loves to lay in bed with me at night and talk about her day.  She has big hugs for her siblings when we welcome her home.   She is excited to be writing poems, journaling and learning about germs during these first few days.

E-Bear started Kindergarten with flying colors!  He got to go to orientation with MoMo (I was giving my first lecture to my students that morning).  Even though he was a little nervous about not knowing most of his classmates, he was so brave and enthusiastic.  He was up early on Thursday for his first day and certainly looked handsome in his uniform.  E-Bear gave Buddy Bear a big hug on the plaza the first day and re-assured his little brother that he would "be home soon."

Buddy Bear is sad to see his siblings go in the mornings.  I know how he feels, because I feel sad too.  Buddy Bear is so excited to do school activities that we are planning to do preschool at home.  For G-Bear's first day of school, I treated Buddy Bear, E-Bear and J-Bear to a morning at the Children's Museum.  Buddy Bear is so excited to do school activities that we are planning to do preschool at home.  After dropping G-Bear and E-Bear off for their first day of school, Buddy Bear, J-Bear and I arrived home to do "Shaving Cream Painting" for our preschool activity.

We made quite a mess and had fun doing it!  After a long, playful bath, we sat on our ABC mat, sang the ABCs and pointed to the letters.  Then we read books and sang more songs together (This Little Light of Mine) and then it was already time to get E-Bear.   It is wonderful to have focused time with Buddy Bear and J-Bear.  I know that time with fly during our school day.

Happy first week of school, dear Bears.  May God bless us with a wonderful school year!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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