Monday, September 29, 2014

Our Tour of the St. Paul Classic Bike Tour

A few weeks ago, we joined over 6,000 bikers for the St. Paul Classic Bike Tour through the neighborhoods of St. Paul.  The Tour is easily one of the highlights of our month, a perfect capstone to our big summer of biking.

The Tour is not a race, but a ride, through the lovely River Road and Summit Ave vistas of St. Paul.  There are 15, 30 and 45-mile loops.  This year, as novices, we wisely choose the 15-mile loop option.  This was wise for another reason: G-Bear and E-Bear decided to bike their own bikes for the Tour!  We weren't sure if they would be able to bike the whole way, so I pulled our Chariot Carrier behind my bike just in case and T had room to spare on the Mundo.  But, to the great credit of E-Bear and G-Bear, they persevered.

The weather for the tour was spectacular this year.  We enjoyed two rest stops along the way, complete with live music, fresh fruit, drinks, pastries and cookies to ensure we were well nourished for our ride.  We invited another family of good friends to join us, which meant that we were all motivated by friendly conversation and camaraderie to finish the trek.

G-Bear riding the River Road during the St. Paul Classic

As a family of six with four kids and two riders ages seven and under, we received a lot of attention and positive feedback.  G-Bear and E-Bear were the youngest kids biking that we saw, but with the right motivation the ride was definitely doable for them.  Many kids could be seen tagging along in trailers or in peanut seats.  We only saw our Mundo, but hopefully we will see more in the future. The Tour was a wonderful family event, and the Yuba makes the ride so easy with kids.  We can't rave enough about our bike investment.

Our crew and friends at the end of the Classic

We finished the tour around noon, for a grand time of just under three hours.  Then, with tired legs and hungry tummies, we hosted lunch in our backyard with our friends.  What a perfect way to welcome the coming fall and celebrate a wonderful summer!  Classic, we'll see you next year.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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