Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School, 2012!

Who can believe that it is time for our preschool year to end?!

Remember these two on their first day?

Well, yesterday we finished our year at our special NC preschool.

G-Bear and E-Bear in front of the playground they love.

 E-Bear and G-Bear have enjoyed a great year with great teachers and sweet friends.
G-Bear is feeling confident and ready for kindergarden after her year with her pre-k teachers.
She is cutting with scissors, writing her name, sounding out words and excited about crafts and playtime with her friends!
G-Bear and her teachers.

E-Bear has especially transformed over the course of his first school year.  He is confident and excited to go to school.  He loves the crafts, music and playtime he enjoyed with his classmates.  We have to thank his lead teacher, Mrs. Perkins for so much.  As E-Bear told me a few days ago, "Mom, Mrs. Perkins has LOTS of good ideas."

E-Bear and his teachers.

Tomorrow, we'll enjoy a special all-school picnic lunch with all the teachers and classmates.  Then, let summer begin!

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