Friday, May 11, 2012

A Baptism Anniversary Day

Three years ago today, our G-Bear and E-Bear were baptized!

The day is special in our hearts for many reasons.
G-Bear inviting us to the alter on her baptism day.

Our children received the sacrament from our dear friend, Deacon Bill,

Deacon Bill baptizing E-Bear

surrounded by their grandparents.  

 It was also our last time together with T's father before he passed away.  
Like I said, it was a special day, well worth remembering.

This is the first year I have celebrating Baptism Day with the Bears.  

This morning, when they woke up, I had set the table with their baptism candles and crosses.

Our Baptism Day breakfast table

We had special "Baptism Breakfast Cereal," which was really a cereal with little white marshmallows that I found at the store this week. While we ate, we looked at the pictures from the baptism day, talking about what happened and who was there with us.  G-Bear wanted to wear a white dress to school to commemorate the day.  Thankfully, we had a new white dress hand-me-down from a friend, and after checking to make sure I had stain spray on hand,  I let her wear it to school.   This afternoon we colored baptism coloring pages, read the story of Jesus' baptism in our storybook Bible and talked about baptism while we "baptized" our Little People toys in a bowl of water.  We talked about how, just as John called the people to follow Jesus and listen to His teachings after Jesus' baptism, we are called to follow the Lord and His teachings after our baptism.  We're taking it one day at a time.  Thank goodness for God's grace!

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