Thursday, May 17, 2012

Daybook for May 2012

Tonight, it is time for me to catch up on reflections and daily happenings, which means it is the perfect evening for a Daybook entry.  As always, thanks to the Simple Woman's Daybook for providing the inspiration.

Outside my window...we have created a porch garden!  Our latest acquisitions prove that I am pretending to have a green thumb and in denial about moving at the end of the summer.  Last weekend at the farmer's market we were so in awe of the flowering trees, shrubs, plants and vegetables that I couldn't resist bringing some home.  We have potted our own hanging herb garden, an ascending jasmine vine, a window box of lettuces, a rosemary bush and two baby pumpkin plants from E-Bear's preschool class.  The jasmine smells amazing.  As I told T yesterday, the lettuces make me so happy.  I love to walk out and pick my own salad and herbs for lunch.  Now, let's just hope these plants are able to survive living with me; I am not known for my gardening prowess.   

I am thinking...about our Hilton Head vacation in my daydreams on a daily basis.  We had so much fun.  I especially loved parking the car and not using it for several days in a row.  Oh, how amazing it would be if during our daily life we could bike to the grocery store, to church, to the park, really anywhere, like we did while we were on vacation.  Instead, we have been taking the kids on nightly bike rides around our neighborhood.  G-Bear and E-Bear are each pedaling by themselves, and Buddy Bear is riding on the trike.  Pretty impressive!  Thank goodness for the Hilton Head inspiration.

I am thankful...for the fifty days of Easter.  Happy Feast of the Ascension!  Today the kids and I talked about Jesus' Great Commission and his ascension into heaven.  We'll celebrate at church on Sunday, and then it is only one week until Pentecost.  It is hard to believe the Easter season is coming to an end.  I'll be sad to take down our "He Is RISEN" banner in our living room.....

In the kitchen...I have a whole gallon of strawberries from the strawberry patch.  We had the freshest shortcake for dessert tonight!  The kids and I went strawberry picking today.  I spent $5 for the gallon we gathered, and our car smelled amazing on the way home.  E-Bear and G-Bear were strawberry-picking pros.  "How did you pick strawberries, E-Bear?" asked T when we got home.  "I just looked for the ones with no ewwie spots," replied E-Bear, "and don't pick the green ones, because those are not ready yet."  The kids really did do a great job.  

I am wearing...what I am wearing is not nearly as interesting as what my kids are wearing these days.  E-Bear just got a new Batman shirt complete with velcro cape from MoMo.  He has asked to wear it everyday this week.  I have had to wash it daily since we got it a week ago.  Between his Superman shirt and now his Batman shirt, he always manages to be our caped superhero.  In my mind, he is a superhero even without his capes ;)

I am creating..."Learning Time" for my kids in the afternoon.  I can take no credit for the fact that they seem to love it. It is a lot of work for me, but we are getting so much more out of our afternoons together.  We start with playdough on the porch and then a counting game or handwriting, pouring exercise or letter game.  Even Buddy Bear joins in the mix with stacking cups or puzzle pieces.  E-Bear is practicing holding a pencil the correct way, and G-Bear is copying sentences.  This is really an experiment for me as we approach summer, as I hope to find constructive ways to enjoy learning and growing together.  As a result, I am on the lookout for good preschool/kindergarden learning games, activities, and resources.  I'll take all the help I can get!

I am going...actually, I did go to E-Bear's preschool music class on Wednesday.  All the parents were invited for a special music class with the kids.  It was impressive to see the twenty 2-3 year olds and parents all in one room!  The kids sang with jingle bells, shakie eggs, scarves, performed "Where is Thumbkin?" and "Elevator Operator" with impressive enthusiasm.  I love sneak peaks like this into E-Bear's preschool demeanor.  He was so delighted to show me his musical moves!  Such a sweet boy, he melts his proud mom's heart.

I am wondering....wait, now, with a move, a new job for T, housing, and schooling decisions on the horizon, the better question might be what am I NOT wondering about?  We probably won't have any answers to these burning questions and uncertainties for several more weeks.  So as I wonder, I am doing my best not to worry.  After making it through my residency decision, it is easier to not worry about our next step.  Hallelujah.  But I still have my moments.  

I am hoping...that G-Bear's five year old check-up next week goes well.  She will need to get vaccinations, and I am really dreading it.  This past Monday we took Buddy Bear for his check-up, and while he handled his vaccines quite well, G-Bear's face was truly pained as she watched him get his shots.  I remember hating my five year old vaccines and I don't enjoy re-living the experience with my sweet girl.  Lord, be gentle on us both.

I was looking forward to...having friends over for dinner tonight.  In our little apartment we have to be creative to fit everyone in, but it is always a treat to entertain, and we always manage to have a fun time.  Tonight we had five kids ages 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 playing dress-up in the kids room.  We ate dinner on the porch with homemade calzones for the adults and pizza for the kids.  The kids enjoyed a "pizza picnic" on a blanket while the adults ate at the table.  Such fun!  

I am to prune lettuce plants while keeping them alive.  Like I said, gardening is not my strongest talent.  I want these lettuces to hang around for many salads to come.

Around the house...we have created a costume corner for G-Bear and E-Bear.  Again, never mind the fact that we will be moving at the end of the summer, we just continue to make ourselves at home around here!  Our costume bag was overflowing to the point that I had to find a new solution to our wardrobe wonder.  A few nails in the wall later, we have almost a dozen costumes hanging on makeshift "hooks."  The upside?  Costumes are easier to see and get at for the older kids, and our basket is no longer stuffed and overflowing.  The downside?  Buddy Bear is going to have a blast pulling the costumes down from the hangers.

A favorite quote for today...
"Mom, I wish we had a strawberry patch at our house so that we could just go out and pick them 
and not have to buy them," G-Bear said as we picked berries today.
She's a girl after my own heart.  Me too, sweetie, me too.

One of my favorite things...Eating meals together and relaxing on our porch.  We look out on the parking lot and can greet our neighbors as they come home.  The jasmine vine smells amazing.  The mosquitos haven't hatched yet, and the birds are singing beautifully.  It's like our own little piece of paradise.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  We'll celebrate Dee this weekend, the Ascension on Sunday, and the last days of preschool next week.  Then, we are onto summer!  

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