Thursday, May 10, 2012

Food for the journey

Today my kids and I attended our last Community Bible Study meeting.  This phenomenal group has become one of our favorite blessings during our time here in North Carolina.

The four of us arrived on the doorstep of CBS last fall at Nana's excellent recommendation.  Every Thursday for the past nine months, my kids have leapt out of bed and cheered that it was "Bible School Day!"  They have enjoyed a fantastic children's ministry, learning about God and His love from gifted teachers, and making wonderful friends.  Even Buddy Bear had his own class, where he was loved and had his own space to shine.

The Bears aren't the only ones who grew from CBS this year.   Last fall, as I wrestled with the loneliness of living in a new place, I was reminded in our study of Philippians that Christ is my reason to be content and rejoice in all of my circumstances.  In early winter, amidst exhaustion and challenges of the residency interview trail, I was encouraged in our study of Colossians to continue to live out my faith, rooted and built up in Jesus, strengthened in the faith as I have been taught, all the while overflowing with thankfulness (Col. 2:6-7).  In late winter, as I wrestled with my residency decisions, I was challenged in our study of 1&2 Thessalonians to have an more eternal perspective rather than a temporary one.  In our study of James I was prompted to consider my daily words and my actions, to be sure they reflect the faith I profess.  And this spring, as I am healing from one decision and many more lie ahead for us to make, I have rested in our study of 1 John; I am reassured that He who was in the beginning is the light for our life, and He will enable me to love others in my daily life.

Today, I was tearing up as we said goodbye.  CBS has been food for our journey this year.  We are so much stronger for it, ready for the journey ahead.

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