Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Week Today

Dearest Baby Bear,

You have been out only a week, but already we can't imagine our family without you.  
We thank God you are here and healthy.  You are so easy on your momma, the perfect third child.  Your siblings are in love with you.  G-Bear loves to snuggle with you on the bed.  E-Bear loves to bring you toys to soothe you.  They both love to bless you after you sneeze.  Daddy marvels at you as you lay in his arms.  As for me, I love our staring contests late at night when every one else sleeps.  These are special days, and I know now how fast they pass by.  May we have many more birthday weeks with you, sweet Baby Bear.

Happy one week birthday!

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Just ME said...

What a beautiful baby! I cant believe that you have time to blog as well as you do! It really is great to see a mother enjoying motherhood the way you do. Thanks for being a great example!