Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to you, G-Bear!

In the twinkling of an eye....



 ....four years gone by!

Dearest G-Bear,

Happy birthday to you, our sweet princess.  What a treat it is to see you grow into the beautiful girl you are.  The excitement and joy that you exude is a blessing to everyone around you.  You are truly irreplaceable in our lives.  Your precious heart, love and thoughtfulness for others makes us proud.  We love reading Jesus stories with you, we love the eager questions you ask, we love watching you play with E-Bear, who continues to be your best friend.  You are quick to offer comfort, a big hug, and a cheerful "I love you" to all of us.  What a treat it was to share in your Princess Party this weekend and dinner at Cheesecake Factory tonight as a family.

We are so thankful for all the precious memories we have had with you the past year:

*April....Sharing many excitements with all of us: loving your Afwica necklace from Daddy, pointing out octagon stop signs on our walks, enjoying Jamba Juice with Daddy while mommy was on call, hunting eggs on Easter and and sharing them with E-Bear, and comforting your "baby boy" brother after a bump or a fall.

*May.....Sharing in your love of books, especially at the library, playing outside in the driveway with balls and bikes, buying helmets and trekking together down the Root River Trail (what a trooper!).

*June.....Tackling school and VBS for the first time in the same week--and loving it, singing "Awesome God" in the car together complete with hands in the air, splashing together at the splash pool with your cute pick floppy hat, and finger painting together on the front lawn.

*July.....Fourth of July at Lake Nebagamon, we watched your wariness as you hooked your first fish, and watched with pride as you waved to everyone during the boat parade.  We frequented Lake Harriet band performances, watching you dance with Daddy on the grass lawn.  You gave up paci at bedtime, for the sake of the babies who don't have pacies, but we kept it for naps. We're still singing "Go Jophus!" songs in the car and make a special trip to visit cousins in NC, where you revel in bathtimes and sprinkler runs with your cousins for a week.

*August...Our rainy day train trip to visit Dora at MOA delights you to no end, and we were writing letters together for the first time.  You were swimming on your back with Papa at the pool, and jumping in from the side after E-Bear led the way.  Calling E-Bear "Buddy," which melted our hearts, and making up fun new games together like 'going on vacation.'  The kiddie midway rides were your favorite at the state fair this year -- we couldn't keep you away from the twirling balloons!

*September...Who could forget your first day of school: your delight and excitement contrasted mightily by your brother's dismay and lonesome for you. You took to school like a fish to water...running so fast to the door from the car that I can barely keep up!  You started Sunday School, loving it even while we missed you at Mass.  We  took Beantown by storm when we visited Cousin Parkin after Mommy finished Boards, shrieking with glee everytime with rode the T!  Sesame Street podcasts are a favorite this year, enjoyed only in the bathroom with E-Bear at your side :)

*October....You walked perfectly down the aisle as Miss R's flower girl, looking all grown up in your fairytale dress and dancing with the older kids at the reception.  We cheered "Go Bama!" together with our shakers in the basement all football season.  You were our big helper when E-Bear broke his leg, bringing him toys and sharing storied with him on the couch to keep him company.  We shared a fun night at the Gopher football game together, cheering in the cold, and you and E-Bear were the cutest little pumpkins on the street on Halloween and counting your candy bounty afterwards.

*November....We shared Halloween treats after dinner for a month, and you enjoyed trips to school with Momo while Mommy was at work.  You waited for Thanksgiving with bated breath, asking me almost daily when it would arrive, and then you shared your Thanksgivings with so much eagerness as we decorated our paper turkey with thankfulness feathers.  You loved Thanksgiving at Auntie Sharon's house, especially the whipped cream, and boy, you loved your light-up necklace at the Nisswa light parade later that weekend.

*December....What a special Advent we had, playing with E-Bear trains, traveling to Alabama to visit cousins, where we enjoyed a fun pj Santa brunch and hunted for a Christmas tree.  Your preschool Christmas sing-along made me us so proud, and you jingled your jinglebell necklace along to every version of Jingle Bells in the car for weeks on end.  We went crazy with sprinkles making cookies for cousins. And boy oh boy, was Christmas special with all our family in town and with your excitement over welcoming Baby Jesus to the Nativity on Christmas Eve.

*January....You enjoyed popcorn every night from Nana's popcorn tin because it was your favorite treat, and you gave us all Christmas bracelets for a present on the twelfth day of Christmas.  Still saying "Daddy Jophus" despite your Daddy's best efforts, and you welcomed the return of school after your break away.  We share our "New Prayer" that you learned at Sunday School, which becomes a new favorite at the dinner table.  And you were RIVETED by Sesame Street Live, such a special night out with MoMo and Papa.

*February....We made special valentine's cards together for family and your friends at school, and you come home with special valentine's cards for Daddy and me.  You are playing ever more independently while Mommy does chores.  And you and E-Bear spend a special sleepover weekend with MoMo and Papa while Mommy and Daddy leave for a first time trip alone.

*March...You are truly our princess-loving girl.  We have enjoyed special Lent projects together and you are always teaching us things that you learn at Sunday School and Preschool.  You can almost write your name by yourself, an impressive feat!  You have lots of kisses for the baby belly, predicting a little sister who you plan to name "Sleeping Beauty." :)

Checking out the desserts at G-Bear's birthday dinner.

Make a wish!

G-Bear, may you continue to grow in wisdom and stature, in the favor of both God and men.  We have so many prayers and hopes for your year ahead.  May you continue to be best friends with your brother, and may you welcome your new sibling with the same open arms.  May you continue to bring your light of love into the lives of everyone you meet.  Daddy and I are so proud of you and we love you so much. Happy birthday, G-Bear, happy birthday to you!


SnoWhite said...

Happy Birthday!!!

B-Mama said...

What a precious little girl! Loved reading all about her awesome year 4! Can't wait to meet her again in P-ton in just over a month!!