Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011 Celebrations

Jesus is Risen, as He said!

What a wonderful Easter weekend we enjoyed together.

T and I found it especially meaningful, not only because of Baby Bear's arrival on Holy Wednesday, but because only four years ago we had welcomed G-Bear into the world on Holy Wednesday before Easter.  What perfect timing on the part of our April Bears!    

Our Easter morning began early, because we had a big day ahead of us.  When we woke up, we were all excited to see that our half-full basket of dried beans was indeed OVERFLOWING with jelly beans in honor of Jesus' victory over sin and death.  

The kids' colored eggs were scattered around and there were Easter baskets -- I mean, Easter bags, for the kids to open.  When a baby brother arrives the week of Easter, there are some Easter accessories that have to be improvised.

G-Bear and E-Bear were so excited about the beans.  

After we opened our Easter bags, it was time for church and then brunch at MoMo's!

The kids may have eaten more jelly bean than brunch, but I won't tell.

Jellybean monster!

G-Bear loved toting her jelly-filled eggs around with her all day.
After brunch, it was time for an Easter egg hunt, because there were rumors that a certain bunny had visited MoMo & Papa's house for E-Bear and G-Bear.

Far from being outdone, E-Bear took to the hunt like a pro!  He was a maniac!

G-Bear amazed us with her egg hunting skill, but also with her generous spirit.  When she found something that looked like it might be good for E-Bear, she would bring it over to him or call him over to find it himself.  She was so good about sharing with him.  

Taa daaa!

As Uncle C commented, the Easter Bunny knows MoMo's house like the back of his paw!  There were several hiding spots that looked familiar to Uncle C and me :),  especially the jellybeans and candy hidden on the window sills.

Of course, there were more jellybean eggs, which remained G-Bear's favorites.

After the hunt, we were off to Auntie Sharon's for Easter dinner and family time.  Yet another special celebration, because we were also celebrating her birthday!  Her cake was a huge hit, especially with the Bears.  Just look at all that frosting!

Baby Bear was dressed to impress and was on his best behavior the whole time.  It may have helped that he had several pairs of experienced hands holding him the whole afternoon.  He and Papa shared an especially sweet moment:

It is hard to count all of our blessings this Easter.  Thank you, Lord.  Hallelujah.


SnoWhite said...


Your post just made me smile.

What a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

B, we are so very happy for you and T and the Bears. Happy, Happy Easter!
Love, Bette