Saturday, May 2, 2015

G-Bear First Communion

"This is my body, which will be given for you;
do this in memory of me."
~Luke 22:19

Today was G-Bear’s First Communion day.

G-Bear has been looking forward to this day for over a year.  Her class’ journey together during the school year has been truly special, and it has been a joy to watch G-Bear take on this step of faith on her own so intently.

Our celebration of G-Bear’s First Communion began the night before, when we were able to welcome four of our friends from the Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus for dinner and dessert.  They were excited to give G-Bear their prayers and blessings.  The next morning, we welcomed MoMo and Papa and Aunty Cindy for a celebration lunch before the First Communion Mass.  G-Bear was bubbling over with excitement as I helped her into her clothes and helped her with her hair.  She wore her beautiful flower girl dress from the wedding last fall, a brand new ivory sash, her sparkle shoes, pearl stockings that she had been saving, and the fingertip veil that I wore for our wedding. 

Our parish does a beautiful ministry with first sacraments, and the First Communion Mass was no different.  Each family had a full pew, so we had plenty of space for all of us.  Uncle C and Miss K joined us at church just in time to see G-Bear process in with her class.  All of the children looked excited and radiant, and the families were filled with a joyfulness you could feel.  G-Bear also got to help with the procession of the gifts, carrying a book of Bible stories.  When it was time for communion, all of us got to go up to the front with her to watch and be with her as a family.  Back in the pew, I was so excited to get a big hug from a joyful G-Bear. 

Afterwards, we celebrated with cake in the lower church with family and friends.  We closed down the hall and were the last to leave.  At home, G-Bear opened a few gifts from family and friends: a beautiful silver box from MoMo and Papa with the date engraved on top, a lovely overnight bag from Nana with a subscription to MagnifiKids!, a book of saints from her godparents, and from T and me, an embroidered scapular necklace and the Bible that I was given in second grade that I read as a child. 

G-Bear seemed to truly treasure the whole day.  As we tucked everyone in for bed, she was already excited that in the morning it would be Sunday, and we would be going to Mass again.  I told her that the best part of First Communion is that it isn’t just one day, but a beginning to a new part of her life-long journey with Jesus. 

Lord, bless our G-Bear with a faith that continues to grow throughout her life!  We praise you and thank you for such a special First Communion Day.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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