Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Afternoon at the Arboretum

Spring sprung early in Minnesota this year.  So, we packed up our bikes and headed out for a day.  The Three Mile Trail at the Minnesota Arboretum sounded perfect for a Saturday ride.

Along the way, we found a field covered in dandelions.  The day was so lovely, so perfect, and  suddenly, the most formidable of weeds appeared like flowers of greatest treasure.  We couldn't resist.    
J-Bear in the dandelions.

G-Bear said she felt like Laura Ingalls running through the field.  
Pretty soon, she had gathered quite the bouquet. 

Even E-Bear and Buddy Bear were impressed.  
They were across the field and nearly out of sight in a minute.

Buddy Bear hunted endlessly for the still-rare white dandelions.  
When he found some, he put Dad in charge of blowing dandelion seeds.

J-Bear barely stopped long enough for a kiss from her dad.  She was just as delighted as her siblings.

G-Bear presented me with her bouquet as an early Mother's Day present. 
We had a to take a picture with it, because I knew it wouldn't last long.  
I was amazed by how a weed that gives me such trouble in our yard could bring me so much joy when presented as a gift from my kids.  

There is a lesson for me there somewhere.

Finally, bouquets picked, clothes covered in yellow pollen, tired from running and exploring, we loaded on the bikes and continued our trek.  We made sure not to miss the hedge maze, the kids' nature play yard or the plant sale.  

For lunch, we snacked on Chick-fil-a under a blooming cherry tree in the nature play yard.  I couldn't have imagined a more perfect, delightful afternoon.

I am all for clearing out the weeds in our lives.  
But today reminded me that even weeds can be turned into something wonderful.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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