Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Special Second Birthday with Papa and Presents

Who can pass up a birthday with these two?

What a weekend we have enjoyed, celebrating a First Communion and two precious birthdays!
MoMo was nice enough to host an Elmo birthday fit for our two year old princess and her mystery-aged Papa.  What a treat for all of us!

Surrounded by her Papa and a few presents (and adoring family, of course), J-Bear was in fine, joyful form. For most of the day, when we tried to emphasize to her that today was HER birthday party, she would  just grin, shake her head of curls and squeal, "Noooooo," in a joyful voice.  She couldn't believe it!  By the time of the party, however, we had all taught her to say her new age, "two!"

Once at MoMo's, our terrific two year old had no problem stealing the show.  She ooooed over MoMo's decorations and the Elmo bubble blower that graced the table.  When it was time to open presents, she knew just what to do: rip, rip, rip!

A few wonderful new books from Aunty Cindy,

 new boots from Mom and Dad,

 a Duplo set from MoMo and Papa,

and a few new dolly clothes all made our dear girl smile.
"Tank oooo!" she would say.

Such a big girl!

 J-Bear got to blow out candles twice:  
once for Papa,

and once all by herself.

Then she got to grab the Elmo decoration that she had been admiring!
J-Bear, your joy is so contagious!

 Our girl humored us for a few pictures with her loving siblings, all of whom were so thrilled to celebrate their sister for a day.

Finally, she got her piece of cake.  YUM! 
Now that is more like it!
(I think she ate two pieces!)

Happy birthday, J-Bear!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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