Friday, May 8, 2015

E-Bear's Mother's Day Paraliturgy

Wow, this Momma felt really special today thanks to E-Bear's hard work and preparation!
Today, E-Bear's class at school hosted all their moms for a "Mother's Day Paraliturgy."  This was a wonderful, prayerful, musical event with lots of arts and crafts gifts and a cake reception at the end.  

Highlights included:
hand-colored portraits of all the mothers that marked our assigned seats,
 the Kinders' entrance procession carrying handmade sunshines that they presented to each mother, 
the "Laundry Song," which made us all laugh, and other songs sung into handmade microphones,
each Kinder's personal reflection of why his or her mom is "The Sunshine of My Life..."
the cake reception, where we all received memory books of our Kinder's first year of school.

E-Bear had practiced his songs and worked on his crafts for weeks.  He was so proud and enthusiastic singing the songs and presenting me with his gifts.  I was impressed and moved by his strong singing,(his teacher could always depend on him to sing his best and loudest), his sincerity and his delight in making me feel special.  When it was his turn, E-Bear's reflection for me was, "My Mom is the Sunshine of my life because she plays baseball with me."  I had no idea that my backyard pitching sessions meant to much to him!  You can bet we will be doing a lot more of those over the summer.  "Did you like what I said, mom?" E-Bear asked me afterwards.  You better believe it, Buddy.  

We had so much fun together afterwards eating cake and reflecting on the morning.  
Thank you, E-Bear for making me feel so special, for making me a mom and for the many blessings that you bring to my life.  I consider being your mother one of the greatest gifts that God has ever given me, and I look forward to all the days ahead, getting to walk with you as you grow into the man that God has created you to be.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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