Friday, May 2, 2014

Wiggle Tooth has left the building

When I picked G-Bear up from school on Friday, she had a surprise to share.

That's right, she lost her first tooth!  

"Wiggle Tooth" had really been hanging in there.  But today during recess, one of G-Bear's intrepid friends offered to pull it out with a tissue.  Success!  G-Bear got a plastic bag from her teacher and has been showing her tooth to everyone.  We even went out to dinner to celebrate.  

So far, no tooth under the pillow, because we have several people that need to see the tooth first.  G-Bear asked me as she went to sleep, "Mom, do I HAVE to put my tooth under my pillow?  I think I want to keep it." Whatever you want, sweetie.  First teeth are really special.  

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