Monday, May 5, 2014

Fun to be one!

Who is one year old?


Now, let's try to get a cute picture with your hair bow, okay?

No?  Aw, you pulled it out!

Yesterday, we had a "Fun to be One" brunch party for J-Bear.  The first birthday decorations were the ones we bought when G-Bear turned one, and they have now graced four Johnson Bear first birthdays.  Awesome!

Unfortunately, J-Bear was so tired after church that she slept through her birthday brunch.  Sheesh, this one year old stuff is exhausting!  But, that was okay, because we saved her cake until dinner.  By dinner we were blessed with an impromptu gathering of friends, and it was time to bring out the cake!

The strawberry shortcake recipe is wonderful for first birthdays.  The whipped cream and shortcake are just sweet enough, and fruit is always a hit with the kids.  

J-Bear wasn't sold on the princess birthday crown, but she loved it when we sang her "Happy Birthday" song.  We snapped a super quick (and fuzzy) family picture and then cut her a piece of cake.

What do you think, J-Bear?

Pretty yummy, huh?

J-Bear's verdict was that shortcake is awesome.  
She was pounding her tray for more after eating her piece.

 Cheers to your first year, J-Bear. 

Happy birthday!

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Buck said...

It's good that I have too many kids of my own or I might be tempted to steal all of yours. You do good work. :)