Friday, May 30, 2014

Our New Bike

I has been over 10 years since I owned a bike. We just made a serious upgrade.

I don’t enjoy spending time in the car, but that is tricky with four kids to transport. We are fortunate to have many of our destinations within close proximity in our neighborhood. Still, little legs can still only walk so far and even if I have the energy to walk, I can only fit so many kids in our double stroller. Enter the Yuba Mundo bike. This cargo bike is awesome.

I met the Mundo through my husband and our local bike shop. I was inspired and convinced by this family of six.

Finally, this week we officially took the Mundo leap of faith and brought our bike home! T rode it back home from the store with the three oldest. The verdict? "This bike is so fun, Mom!"

Our Yuba crew
As you can see, the full outfit includes our attached chariot stroller, a front handle iBert seat and a back "peanut shell" seat, not to mention the "monkey bar" attachment for the big kids.   Admittedly, the bike will take some getting used to.  It is HEAVY with all the kids on it!   And, the kids feel super secure on the bike, which can give them a false sense of security.  I don't want them climbing in and out of the monkey bars without me, because of the danger of tipping the bike.  But, with the ground rules and a few miles under our belts, we are a super happy crew.

T and I can't wait to be out with the Yuba this summer!  We'll be sure to share updates on our Mundo escapades.  Cheers to warmer days and outdoor family travel.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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SnoWhite said...

That is a serious bike! Wow. Looks like it has miles of summer fun packed into it.