Saturday, January 26, 2013

Afternoons with GG

One of my resolutions this year was to spend one afternoon each week with the kids at my grandmother's house.

My grandmother is 91.  
She has always been, and continues to be, a very impressive women in my eyes.

But these days, it is hard for GG to get out of the house.
Hence, my resolution to bring the chaos to her on a weekly basis.

Thursdays have become our day to spend the afternoon with GG.
I pick the kids up from school,
we pick up some lunch,
(this is a huge treat for us, something that gets the kids really excited, 
and probably makes the afternoon feasible for me)
and head over to GG's.

On Thursdays, E-Bear and G-Bear bring home all their weekly work and projects from school,
so we have a lot to show and tell.
I let Buddy Bear bring a special book or toy along so that he doesn't feel left out.  
He loves to show things to other people.

Everyone takes great pride in presenting their work to GG.

G-Bear reads GG a story or a few sight words that she has practiced at school while I set out lunch.
Then, we feast on our lunch treats, always with a special dessert.
GG might not eat much these days, but she always eats dessert.

Next, it is story time.
GG's eyesight isn't very good, so this is an activity from our day that I know we can all enjoy together.  
My backpack is full to the brim with books.
Because we are with GG, we have an extra long story time on Thursdays.

Today we enjoyed:
The Hungry Caterpillar
A chapter from On the Banks of Plum Creek
The story of St. George and the Dragon, from The Children's Book of Virtues
Snowmen at Night
and a chapter from our Jesus Storybook Bible about Jesus' baptism.

By the time we leave for Buddy Bear's nap, I am quite sure we have exhausted GG too :)
No, I only kid.  GG is an eager participant.  She makes us promise to come back next week.

Last year, on the occasion of GG's 90th birthday, my brother offered a toast.  
He titled it, "Things I Learned From My 90 Year Old Grandma."
It went something like this:

Grandma's 90th Birthday - July 2011
Things I Learned From My 90 Year Old Grandma...

1.) Nothing ever gets past your grandma.  No matter how smart you think you are, she has at least 65 years of experience on you.  She will always find out when you have misbehaved.
2.) Your grandmother will always keep a secret.  No matter what dirt she has on you, she will keep it between the two of you.  Don't forget to thank her for that.  Your parents would kill you if they knew what she knew.
3.) Stay active.  Your life will stay full and vibrant if you get up everyday and push your body. *Remember this especially on the days that you don't want to.
4.) Age Gracefully.  Getting old is not for wussies.  I will always remember being 11 years old and arguing with my grandma.  My family was changing and I was not happy.  She looked me in the eye and said, "Growing up is not for wussies.  You look for the good, and on to the next."  As things in my life continue to change, I remember my grandma's words.  "Look for the good, and on to the next."

With each passing Thursday afternoon, I am thanking God that my children have this time with their great grandmother.  I am hoping that a few of the great things she taught me will rub off on them.

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