Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas 2012

Yes, our Christmas tree is still up.

Hey, the twelve days of Christmas just ended on Sunday,
school only restarted yesterday,
and we had a lot of Christmas to celebrate.

Here is our twelve day Christmas recap, not quite as extensive as last year, but full of the highlights nonetheless.

[To the tune of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas]

In the twelve days of Christmas, our thankful family....

Enjoyed Twelve Days of Dress-Up,
We have met an impressive cast of characters this Christmas, including Robin Hood, Peter Pan & Wendy, Knights and Dragons, crazy kooks, Woody and Jesse, Mommy Mary & Daddy Joseph & their Donkey, Brides & Grooms, many Disney Princesses & their Beaus, and so many more.  The imaginations are impressive at our house, as is our ever-growing stash of dress-up clothes.)
ooks, Woody and Jesse, Mommy Mary & Daddy Joseph & their Donkey, Brides & Grooms, many Disney Princesses & their Beaus, and so many more.  The imaginations are impressive at our house, as is our ever-growing stash of dress-up clothes.

Eleven Icy Snow Days,
We made the most of the cold temperatures and snowy days, playing outside as much as our frozen feet and fingers would allows.  We have learned that the key is good snow gear!  The best part of playing in the snow, other than the snow itself, is coming inside for hot chocolate afterwards :)

Ten Johnson Cousins,
The Johnson Christmas reunion was a truly a treat this year.  We welcomed baby cousin H for the first time, and all ten cousins reveled in rambunctiousness for three days.  Aunt A and Uncle B treated us to a gender-revealing party, where we learned that we'll have another new baby girl cousin this spring!  This crew is ever-growing in sweetness and stature, eagerly welcoming newbies to the ranks.
Nana with her ten grandchildren.

Nine steps on Christmas morning
Every year since I can remember, we have gathered at MoMo and Papa's steps on Christmas morning for the unveiling of the Christmas living room and the awaiting surprises.  Once again this year, where Aunt K, Uncle C and I used to sit, five grandchildren eagerly awaited permission to descend.  Let the Christmas morning magic begin!
Buddy Bear, E-Bear, G-Bear and their cousins, ready for Christmas morning.

Eight Ice Skates
With Buddy Bear cheering us on from the sideboards, we have enjoyed every slip and slide of our first Christmas ice skating together.  In our future for 2013 includes skating school for E-Bear and G-Bear (only because T and I couldn't ever hope to teach them ourselves), and hopefully many more fun times at the rink.  We are a riot on the ice!
Happily on the ice this Christmas.

Seven Christmas Visitors
The treat of our Christmas was having Nana, YaYa, GP, Aunt K, Uncle T, cousin Harkin and cousin Tobi all in town with us.  G-Bear, E-Bear and Buddy Bear had the time of their lives with their two beloved Boston cousins and all "five" grandparents showering love and affection upon them.  
GP, YaYa, Aunt K, Uncle T, cousins Harkin and Tobi.

A Six-foot Toboggan
We were all excited to open Uncle C's gift to all of us this year.  What could it be??  A toboggan sled!  
Uncle C's toboggan gift on Christmas morning.

Five Tobogganeers!
The five cousins on the toboggan.

Uncle C's toboggan turned out to be even more fun than we expected.   Thanks to Uncle T, Papa, Uncle C and T for making all the fun possible.

Uncle T pushes as Papa waits at the bottom.

What fun!

Four messy hands
Last Christmas, Buddy Bear and his best buddy, Cousin T, were trying their hands at Cheerios for the first time.  This year, nothing holds them back!  These two never miss a chance to join in, or sneak a snack, especially if they can do it together.
Buddy Bear and Cousin T

Three Glowing Grams
Yaya, MoMo and Nana with their grandkids.  These three grandmas will spoil you rotten, if they don't love you to death first.  Thanks, super-grandmoms, for an awesome Christmas together.

Two amazing hosts
Yes, MoMo and Papa did it again, hosting spectacular celebrations for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and numerous days both before and after.  They are creating quite a legacy of generosity and delight, blessing us all in so many ways.


One Grateful, Thankful Family!
Our living room on Christmas morning.
Lord, we are so thankful for all the blessings of this Christmas season, 
especially Jesus' birth and the chance to share our joy with those we love.  

We hope you have had a truly wonderful Christmas season as well.  As the chill of winter sets in, may happy memories and reminders of this season warm us all until spring.  

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