Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Going to Miami

We were gone exactly 24 hours, 15 minutes.

Miami bound.

The journey wasn't easy.

Catching a catnap on the airport floor.  
But we made it.

Roll Tide!

The past four years have been full of unforgettable moments for Alabama fans.  We have watched most of it from afar, albeit with fanatic faithfulness.  But yesterday, T and his brother L continued their family tradition, and we joining throngs of Bama faithful at the BCS championship game. 

The stadium was a sport fan's dream.  It began as a magical night for both Bama and Irish fans.

In the end, well, most people know how it ended.  We emerged exhausted and exhilarated as the team accepted their fifteenth National Championship title.  Incredible!  Four hours later, we were on a plane back home.  But we won't forget Miami for a long time.

Roll Tide Roll.

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B-Mama said...

Looks like an awesome time! So glad you had fun--and you look adorable too!! xoxo even from Irish land ;)