Sunday, February 3, 2013

Overheard in the house, January 2013 Edition

Overheard in the kitchen, after the bechemel sauce has boiled over onto the stove, as Queen B is about to loose it:
E-Bear: "Mom, are you feeling mad?  Remember what you are supposed to do:
(musical tune from "Daniel Tiger") 'When you feel so mad that you want to ROAR,
take a deep breath,' AHHH, HAAAAA, 'and count to four.'

Overheard in Buddy Bear's room as G-Bear and E-Bear go to wake him up:
Buddy Bear:  "Hi!!"
G-Bear: "Good morning, Buddy Bear.  How did you sleep?"
Buddy Bear: "Geee." (Good.)
E-Bear: "Do you want a book?"
Buddy Bear: "SSSSSSssss." (Yes.)
G-Bear: "Which one do you want?"
Buddy Bear: "Toot Toooooooot!"
G-Bear: "Your Thomas book?  Okay, here it is!"

Overheard in the kitchen as Buddy Bear comes in from the living room:
Buddy Bear:  "MaMA!"
Me: "Yes, Buddy Bear?"
Buddy Bear, tugging at my arm: "MaMa, Uh-oh."
Me: "Oh, dear.  You better show me what happened."

Overheard in the car, commenting on the color of our house:
E-Bear: "Dad, I like green houses.  I don't like skin-colored houses."

Overheard at the dinner table while sharing riddles with Auntie K (who is expecting twins):
Auntie K: "I have a riddle for you.  What has four hands, four feet, and is very, very full."
G-Bear:  "A cow?"
Auntie K (glancing at her belly):  "No, but good guess."

Overheard in the bathroom at bedtime:
Buddy Bear, running into the bathroom:  "MaMa!  Elmo!"
Me: "Okay, Buddy Bear, here is your Elmo toothbrush."
Buddy Bear, jumping up and down and reaching for the toothpaste drawer:  "MaMa!  Too TOO!"
Me, smiling:  "Okay, Buddy, here is your Thomas toothpaste."

Happily Ever,
Queen B


Buck said...

Julia sings that Daniel Tiger song all the time. And she insists on washing her hands by herself after she goes potty, "just like Daniel Tiger." Such an influential tiger - too bad there's no episode about babies that sleep through the night.

And congrats to Auntie K! So awesome. Your parents must be over the moon with all those gorgeous grand babies!

SnoWhite said...

Auntie K as in your sister?!?! Wow. Exciting all around. :)