Friday, July 22, 2011

Top Then Things We LOVE About Minnesota

There is a lot we are going to miss about Minnesota when we leave this week.

10.  The Parks and Trails and Pools:
What would we do without the Minneapolis Park & Rec pools and parks, which have made our summer life with kids so safe and fun!  Como, Harriet, Van Cleave, the Zoos, the Root River Trail, and River Road path have a special place in our hearts.

9.  Van's Auto Service:  Paul is the man when it comes to car repair and check-ups.  He has helped our aging cars stay young!  Thanks to him, we are ready for our cross country trek.

8.  G-Bear's School:  Sniff, sniff.  We will miss her special class and her amazing teachers.  Our next school has big shoes to fill.

7.  The Markets: Farmer's, Mill City, Midtown:
There is nothing like a Saturday morning at the Mill City or Minneapolis Farmer's Market.  We can't pass up the farm-fresh produce, not to mention the cinnamon rolls.  In the winter, Midtown Global Market kept us going with the Produce Exchange and Family Fun Fridays.

6.  Our County Hospital:  It's one of only 4 remaining county hospitals in the country.  It was T's and my favorite place to work on rotation.  Beautiful mission, wonderful place, special patients.

5.  The Train:  The Burlington Northern Railroad line runs between our house and our favorite neighborhood park.  We spent countless afternoons crossing the passenger bridge over the tracks, saying hello to the trains as we went to the park.  At night we could hear the trains passing and working in the switch yard.  We would count the engines as we passed them to take G-Bear to school.  E-Bear especially liked the black and orange engines, and it was always an extra special day if the yellow ones were resting in the yard.  I'll miss the sound of the trains at night.

4.  The Cabin:  Our favorite summer and fall hideaway.

3.  Papa's garden:  G-Bear and E-Bear are always ready to start planting with Papa in the spring.  We'll really miss seeing the final glorious fruits of his green thumb labors this fall.  Plus, there is no better place than Papa's garden patio for.....

2.  MoMo's Sunday Dinner:  Always fabulous, whether enjoyed on the summer patio or inside her decorated dining room.  We've enjoyed every Sunday dinner she's made for the past five years.  Her gift of hospitality makes this one of our favorite family traditions.  

1.  Our family:  The wind beneath our wings for far longer than these past five years, we're tearful to be leaving our Minnesota contingent.  Hold down the fort for us.


B-Mama said...

So many changes! I got teary by #1... God bless you all!

SnoWhite said...

Praying for a safe trip and a blessed transition! Although a sad goodbye, there's nothing like moving in a direction that you know God is calling you!

Anonymous said...

Dear B,
I've always felt blessed to have lived near a train track, as I did when I was about your age. There is something so soothing and hopeful about the sound of the train. Somehow the tracks remind us of connection and also possibility- don't be surprised to see Mo Mo and me arriving down South on #9 some day!
Love you-