Saturday, July 16, 2011

Staycation with MoMo

No one makes Staycation more fun than GranMo.

Yesterday our beloved Sienna was at the car doctor shop getting fixed up for our big move.  The forecast called for rain all day.  Since we can't fit three car seats in the back of our Honda Accord (how is it that a family of five with three car seats can't fit in a large sedan?), and the weather was going to be rough, we were bracing ourselves for a staycation day at home.  Oh well.

Whizzing to the rescue, as if with Wonderwoman cape and magic wand, came GranMo to "save the day," as E-Bear would say.  She drove out to our house, so we would have two cars to drive, and we all piled in, ready to ride.

Away we dashed to Mall of America, joining about a million vacationing visitors and other Minnesotans trying to escape the rain.   As I entered the flight pattern to embark on the endless pursuit of a parking space, GranMo suggested, "Let's just valet."   We walked in just in time to see Winnie the Pooh, which quickly became our new favorite movie.   We walked out of the theater and MoMo's magic continued:  a nice family handed us their left over park ride tickets as we walked past the amusement park.  How does she do it?

A (free! Thank you, mystery family!)  carousel and ferris wheel ride later, MoMo appeared with mini cookies and milk for the kids and began negotiating dinner plans.  Why not call Papa?  Before we knew it, I had a new pair of jeans and we were sitting at a table eating a baked onion while ordering ribs.  Our children were perfectly behaved at dinner.  They played chase with Papa in the mall after we finished.  We arrived home way past our bedtime, delightfully exhausted.  Best staycation day EVer.

I have learned many things from my amazing mother, but I haven't yet received my magic wand.  I suppose she has the right to keep some secrets to herself, like where she got hers.  I sure am glad she has what it take to be the amazing GranMo.

Happily Ever,
Queen B


nora said...

Love having a grandma to the rescue! I bet Mo is fantastic! Have you tried Sunshine Kids carseats? We can get three across in our Escape and in my mom's Hyundai sonata. They are from former designers at Britax and really streamlined, but super safe.

B-Mama said...

Sounds like a Divine day! I'm sure your parents are attempting to stop time before your move. How fantastic to have such fun cheerleaders in your corner. God bless as you prepare! xo