Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Uncle C!

My little brother is not so little anymore.  He towers over me now.  He is also a true gentleman as he starts the second half of his third decade today.  Tonight's dinner conversation was truly fitting for the birthday boy:

G-Bear:  "Mommy,  I got some ice cream on my shirt."

Me (with a wry smile toward T): "That's okay, G-Bear.  Your Daddy is really good at doing laundry."

T:  "G-Bear, am I good at laundry?"

G-Bear (shaking her head):  "No, Daddy!"

*laughter at the table*

T:  "Who is the BEST at doing laundry?"

G-Bear:  "Mommy!"

*more laughter*

Uncle C (attempting to pass a compliment my way):  "Who does EVERYTHING the best?"

G-Bear (pointing to Uncle C):  "YOU!!"

Uncle C:  "Atta way!"

G-Bear knows her uncle!  Eligible ladies, you will have to get past the nieces and nephews to get close to this guy ;)

We love you, Uncle C, happy birthday!

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SnoWhite said...

Too funny! I was going to say I have an eligible little sister... but that's a tough crowd to get through ;)