Friday, July 1, 2011

Fatigue and The Pursuit

"With all this weariness,
can we shine like you?"
~David Crowder Band, "We Are Loved"


These days, by the end of the week, I am totally exhausted.

Thanks to our summer schedule, T's admirable efforts as he studies for his Boards, and occasional unexpected surprises, I am all tuckered out by the time Friday rolls around.

In the midst of my Friday exhaustion, how can I possibly hope to rally for the weekend, to be full of energy for my kids and family outings?   How can I manage to remain cheerful and strong for T, to be his encouragement and support as he presses on in the trenches of Boards prep?   What happens to my Christian walk, my pursuit of holiness, when I am just so tired?

In Friday night moments of weariness, Jesus' example is so encouraging.  Saint Jose Maria Escriva says it very well:

"Whenever we get tired — in our work, in our studies, in our apostolic endeavours — when our horizon is darkened by lowering clouds, then let us turn our eyes to Jesus, to Jesus who is so good, and who also gets tired; to Jesus who is hungry and suffers thirst. Lord, how well you make yourself understood! How lovable you are! You show us that you are just like us, in everything but sin, so that we can feel utterly sure that, together with you, we can conquer all our evil inclinations, all our faults. For neither weariness nor hunger matter, nor thirst, nor tears... since Christ also grew weary, knew hunger, was thirsty, and wept. What is important is that we struggle to fulfil the will of our heavenly Father, battling away good-heartedly, for Our Lord is always at our side (cf. Jn 4:34). 
~Saint Jose Maria Escriva, 
Friends of God, 201

Exhaustion is a very real limitation in our lives.  Our pursuit of holiness doesn't end when we become tired.  Instead, we must adjust our pursuit to accommodate our physical limitations.  Jesus' example encourages me that I can still make a difference in the world in the midst of my human fatigue.  Let simpler meals, lower-key activities, and quieter attentiveness prevail, but may cheerfulness & optimism shine through, even on days of weariness.

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Mark and Megan said...

Hang in there friend! I admire your courage. May we walk with one another throwing off everything that hinders us and keep our eyes on the prize of Jesus :-) Love hearing your heart- thanks for sharing. Blessings, Megan Zeien