Thursday, July 28, 2011

Packing Up the Truck

...The firetruck, that is!

E-Bear and G-Bear were a big help as we pack up last week.  
E-Bear packed up his firetruck with his VIP toys, 

and G-Bear packed a few boxes with essentials for our trip.    

Who needs professional movers with these two around?!  In all seriousness, the kids have embraced the chaos of our move with far greater grace and excitement than I.  That includes Baby Bear, who peacefully slept through much of the packing craze.

Our townhouse home was a great place for us in many ways.   I managed to snap one last picture of our special playroom play space before we began dismantling it.  We spent many hours playing up there over the past several years!  We will have to make our new space just as special, which it will certainly be as long as we are all together as a family. 

 As we finished packing up the real moving truck, the kids were eager to climb up with T and have him assure them that their toys had made the cut.   If you look closely, you might see a stowaway in the rocking chair on the truck (it's E-Bear!).

Tomorrow our truck is scheduled to arrive and we'll be unpacking.  Here's hoping that unpacking will be easier for us than packing was!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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