Friday, December 17, 2010

The Thomas Train Birthday

To the creators of Thomas the Train and makers of less expensive wooden train sets:

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for bringing my children so much joy.  Thomas, you have become like a steadfast friend in our house.  You are a positive role model.  My children adore you.  

Wooden train set, you were reasonably priced, have many pieces to facilitate sharing, and you foster both creativity and hand-eye coordination as my children put your wooden pieces together.  You have surpassed my hopes and expectations for a toy, but even more importantly, you have surpassed my children's hopes and dreams for a toddler birthday gift.

For all of these things, I thank you.

Here are a few pictures from our birthday night this week.  Such fun!

Papa's tree is the perfect backdrop.

G-Bear, enjoying the ambiance.

You should hear E-Bear's delight when the train goes under the "Tunnel!!"

1 comment:

rj said...

Queen B, would you mind emailing me which train set you've added to your home most recently? I have been dreaming of this Christmas gift for our little girl, but am quite confused on which brand/value is best in the long run! Which ones do you like? I'd love to know!
Merry merry Christmas!
and Happy Birthday. ;) (we're also celebrating a birthday soon - tuesday!)