Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advent Cookies

Aunt K, thanks for suggesting the Great Cousin Cookie Exchange for cousin Christmas gifts this year!

Yesterday, the kids and I had a great time making Christmas cookies for the cousins.  G-Bear and I made the cookies during nap time.  She cut them out after I rolled out the dough.  After dinner, armed with a sprinkle shaker each and a pile of larger candy pieces, the Bears were ready to decorate.  We were an artisan assembly line par excellence!  I frosted the cookies and they added the sprinkles.  Oh my goodness, we had so much fun!

Cousins E, S, and T, you should see your cookies.  You are going to love them.

I think my kids get their love of sprinkles from me.  Seriously, the kids did these themselves.  I was so impressed.  The cousins are lucky that we only ate three of them!

G-Bear was so excited to share them:
"Mommy, can you show Daddy when he gets home?  
Make sure that he doesn't eat them all. 
Can we please send them to E and S in a box tomorrow?"

You would not believe how carefully I packaged the cookies into a tin last night.  Hopefully they make it at least somewhat intact.  A whole lot of love will be in that box with them.

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SnoWhite said...

awesome! What a great idea :)