Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sour Puss

I admit it.

I am a sour puss this week.

I hate it when Advent is over, when Christmas is ending.  

It does not help that our furnace just broke and our house is cold.

Being cold and Christmas ending are two of my least favorite things. 

And, my sister and brother-in-law leave to go home to Boston tomorrow.

Sour puss, Queen B.  

Let's sweeten the sourness a bit, shall we?  

After all, if lemons are in season, so is lemon meringue pie.

What would I tell my children if they were the ones in sour moods?  
Perhaps I should try counting my blessings instead of sheep,
Or give thanks for the furnace technician who will come tomorrow,
or for our growing baby inside me, warm and snug,
or let the lessons and memories of the past month remind me 
that everyday is filled with His Presence.

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