Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Favorite Christmas Music

There is no music like Christmas music, at least for the Johnson Household.
Our collection has blossomed into a 600+ song monstrosity.  Last year it took me nearly a week of constant music listening to get through all of T's incredible Christmas playlist.
When we were dating, T marveled that my roommate and I only had one Christmas CD.
He has made me a Christmas music collection every year since.
Be still my heart.

Here are some of our favorite Christmas tunes this year, both new and old!

Straight No Chaser, Christmas Cheers Album 
(A cappella genius meets Christmas magic--love it!)
Straight No Chaser, Holiday Spirits Album
(Just can't get enough of these guys)
Bing Crosby, White Christmas
(A Christmas staple since I was a little girl)
Sarah McLachlan, Wintersong CD
(Mellow and fabulous, perfect for when the kids are in bed)
Blind Boys of Alabama, Go Tell It On The Mountain
(Especially the song, "Last Month of the Year."  Awesome)
(A great all-purpose Christmas mix.  G-Bear loves the Jingle Bells version on this one.)
(Not a traditional song.  But, this was released two Christmases ago when I was pregnant with E-Bear.  I still can't listen to the song without ending up in tears.  So beautiful, with a beautiful message.)
Bare Naked Ladies, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
(With Sarah McLachlan. This has been a repeat favorites for many years in a row.)
Michael Crawford, O Holy Night
(A bold claim, I know, but this is quite possibly the best version of the song ever sung.  Serious.)
(My parents played this cd on Christmas morning every year as I grew up.  I still won't open my stocking to anything else.)
(Or any of his other fabulous Christmas albums)
Brian Setzer Orchestra, Boogie Woogie Christmas
(Featuring yet another G-Bear Jingle Bells favorite)
Mannheim Steamroller, Christmas
(Or any of their other great Christmas albums.  Would love to see these characters in a Christmas concert.)

Time to stop!  We could go on and on, but these are a good start. Hopefully we shared some new favorites for others to find and enjoy and have left ourselves a reminder of what we enjoyed most this year.   Merry Christmas listening!

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SnoWhite said...

Love your list!!

did you know... Mannheim Steamroller will be having a Christmas concert in the cities this winter?! We LOVE their music too!