Monday, December 6, 2010

Money Matters

A few weeks ago, G-Bear came to me with a surprising question:

"Mommy," she asked as I tucked her in bed for nap time, "where does money come from?  How could I get some money?"

I was very curious about what had prompted the question. "Well, G-Bear," I replied, "that is the reason that Daddy goes to work everyday and works very hard, so that our family will have money to buy food and pay for our house and buy things that we need."

G-Bear continued, "I just wish I had some money too, because all the other kids have money to put in the bucket at Sunday School and I don't have any.  Today my teacher asked me if I wanted to put some money in and I said I didn't have any in my pocket or in my bag or anywhere."

Oh, sweetie, my heart just about broke.  I am such a Sunday School novice parent, I wasn't even aware of the class's giving bucket for needy families, and it would never occurred to me to send money with G-Bear otherwise.

"Oh, sweetie," I said, "Of course you can bring some money to put in the bucket.  Daddy and I can give you some money to bring to Sunday School."  "Really?!" exclaimed a delighted G-Bear.  

So yesterday morning, as we were getting ready for church, a well-informed T asked G-Bear, "G-Bear, would you like to bring some money to put in the basket at Sunday School today?"  

Again, G-Bear was so excited by the idea.  "Really?! Today?!  Oh, boy!  I just need the circle money, not the long stretchy money."  Circle, not stretchy.  Got it.

So yesterday, G-Bear arrived with her Sunday School bag jingling like a jingle bell with the nickel and dime that T had given her.  As soon as she got to her class she ran over to her teacher, shaking her bag proudly, "It's CIRCLE money!" she whispered in delight.

Our daughter was a modern day version of the widows mite (Mark 12:41-44) yesterday.  Her only two coins in the world, and she couldn't have been more delighted to give them to God.  In this season of Advent, may T and I have hearts that are just as generous, without counting cost, thanking God for all we've been given.

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