Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to you, E-Bear!

From one year...... TWO!!

Dearest E-Bear,

Happy birthday to you, my tenderhearted prince.  Amidst the choo-choo's and "Thomas Trains" and fire trucks for your birthday today, what I really treasure the most is your loving spirit, that of a precious child of God, growing up so quickly in the favor of God and man.  Daddy and I are so proud of who you are:  humble and unassuming, finally realizing it was your own birthday only after the candles were blown out: "Happy  Happy!  Happy birthday ME!"  You share so well with your sister and others, you treasure family time together, you make us all feel included: "mommy, c'mere, Daddy, c'mere," and "Mommy, I neeeeeed you."  You are so careful to say thank-you and please, you always point out crosses and Jesus and churches to us, and you are your sister's best friend.  This is who you are today, the E-Bear who we love.

We have many more happy memories of you from this year past:

*December.......Starting out this year at age 1, having just learned to stand, crawl up the stairs by yourself, saying "mamamamama" and "dadadadada."

*January..........Walking on your own for the first time while Nana visited.  Now when Mommy and Daddy come home, instead of a crawling guy peaking around the corner at the top of the mud room stairs, there is a standing little boy with his arms outstretched.

*February........After your first haircut, you tackled the sun and sand of Cancun with excitement and eagerness.  Your smile ever-present and always brightening our days.

*March............You add "Nah!" to your already impressive lexicon, but not before you were saying "peese!" and "sawweee." We made it through 15 months of nursing together, but my pediatrics rotation finally took both of us out of that game.   Sippy cup full time from here on out.

*April..............The Easter bunny can't fool you!  You took to the egg hunts at MoMo & Papa's house with impressive competition, because at this point you are a gross motor maniac.  You are also our own cheering section, with a ready round of applause whether someone has finished a prayer, used the bathroom or is singing along to a song in the car.

*May...............Falling in love with everything bike:  G-Bear's trike, MoMo's fire engine, your fire truck at home.  On our Root River Trail trip you blew us away with your easy-going attitude, green blankie in tow.

* June...........Smoothies with Daddy while Mom is working, licking popsicles and finger painting together, the beginning of our summer adventures.  As you passed 18 months, you were leading the way down the playground slides for your sister and showing us all how to play with the fountains at the splash pool.

*July.............Still our little charmer, always eager to help others find their shoes for outings and loving on your sister with hugs every chance you get.  You sing along to G-Bear's VBS cd in the car at the top of your lungs, "Ga!  Ga!," hand motions and all.

*August........Riding the "choo-choo" light rail train to Mall of America on a rainy day, it was as if you had died and gone to heaven.  And who was it who jumped head first off the side of the pool first this summer?  Oh, that's right, it was you, E-Bear.  Way to go!  You and G-Bear are playing together like best buds, making up new games everyday, like "Going on vacation."

*September.......The first day of school is heart-breaking as you tearfully say good-bye to your best friend and sister for a few hours each week.  Don't worry, we had lots of mom-and-me playground dates together while G-Bear was at school.

*October..........Looking good in your first tuxedo, you wowed the crowed at Miss R's wedding, walking down the aisle like a pro.  You broke your leg, but quickly adapted to life in a cast, and we rarely heard you complain.  You caught onto Halloween candy quickly, wearing your puffy pumpkin suit and cast accessory.

*November.......You are talking up a storm, full sentences now, no mystery to what you are saying.  You know your colors and impress us with your singing and number counting.The cast comes off and you are running around Auntie Sharon's by Thanksgiving Day.

E-Bear, we have so many prayers and hopes for your years ahead.  May your humility and tenderheartedness continue to grow.  May your friendship with your sister continue to deepen:  the two of you care for each other so much, and we pray you will continue to be the best of friends, looking out for one another and bring joy to each other.  May you continue to grow in your love of God: you pray so earnestly at meal time and sing so joyfully to "True God" songs in the car.  You already please Him so much.  Continue to smile your happy smile and dance your joyful dances, point out the scenery to us on car rides, reminding us all of to delight in the simple blessings life gives us.

Daddy and I love you so much, E-Bear.  Happy birthday, dear E-Bear, happy birthday to you.

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SnoWhite said...

Happy Birthday, E-Bear!!! Amazing how he's grown and changed in a year. Hope you had a delightful birthday celebration.