Thursday, April 2, 2015

First Haircut for G-Bear!

This Holy Week is also our spring break.  In addition to our Easter preparations, we are anticipating G-Bear's eighth birthday on Holy Saturday as well as her upcoming First Communion.  In honor of both, G-Bear decided that she is finally ready for a first haircut.  Thankfully, we were able to get an appointment so that all of us, even T, were able to come along to witness the big event.  When we all walked in for the first haircut appointment, naturally the stylists thought that J-Bear was the woman of the hour.  Weren't they surprised to find out that G-Bear was the one!

Our sweet girl was so excited.  But, she was also careful to say she just wanted a trim.  :)

Can you believe how long her hair has grown??  I assured her that by getting it trimmed, it would almost certainly start to grow longer again (it has pretty much stopped growing in recent years).

 The stylist set right to work.

G-Bear was thrilled with the result.  It might not look like much to a stranger, but to G-Bear this was a huge change.  "She took off more than I expected, but I really like it," she said.

Doesn't that look nice?

Perhaps the best part was the lollypops, stickers and certificate, complete with hair trimmings, that were handed out at the end. Everyone wanted a rootbeer lollypop. :) For her part, G-Bear couldn't stop smiling.  In the future, it may very well be easier and more cost effect to cut her hair myself, but the big experience of going to Kids' Hair was definitely worth it this time around.  I was so relieved that this was a happy, memorable experience for G-Bear.

Looking good, sweetie!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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