Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Fabulous Frozen Birthday

Hooray for our eight year old!

This year, G-Bear chose a Frozen theme for her birthday party.  We had so much fun making this happen.  G-Bear's party was a wonderful way to celebrate Holy Saturday as we waited for Easter to arrive.  The birthday girl was decked out in her Elsa Christmas dress that MoMo had given her.  

The dining room was transformed.  

The cake was ready!

 G-Bear helped me choose the meal for her party, and she did a great job.  We had fun making up names for the foods that would fit the party theme.  Here is what we came up with:

"Arendale Bugs" macaroni and cheese
Anna and Hans Sandwiches
Frozen heart berries

Sven's carrots and dip
Elsa's coronation salad

Potsticker coronation boats
Frozen waters lemonade
 G-Bear also made a Frozen castle out of Duplos to grace the buffet.  Nice job, G-Bear!

As a fun treat for each seat, I set out "snowman building kits" at each place setting so that everyone could build their own Olaf snowman.  The cups included three large marshmallows for the body, two little marshmallows for the feet, pretzels for the arms, raisins for the coal, and candy eyes, carrot nose and bowtie for effect.

Our crew came up with lots of different ways to build their snowmen :)  
All were equally delicious.

After our yummy lunch, it was time for games.  We borrowed MoMo's set of indoor snowball puffs and set up a tower of clear plastic cups to play "Knock down the ice castle!"  GG was in charge of passing out the snowballs.

The game was a hit!  The boys spent a good bit of time studying the tower, trying to decide the best way to knock it down.  

The birthday girl led off with success,

and everyone got a chance to show their snowball skills.  

We had so much fun!

Of course, we played an obligatory pinning game.  This time, we made a pin-the-head-on-Olaf game.

Once again, the birthday girl did pretty well.  Do you think she was peeking?

After games, we opened presents from grandparents, siblings, Mom and Dad.
E-Bear and Buddy Bear had worked hard on their pictures and paper airplanes for G-Bear.

Nana sent a long-coveted Frozen Lego set, and there was much rejoicing.

 G-Bear had long outgrown her princess bike, and MoMo and Papa presented her with a new, lovely pink bike that she had seen at the bike store.

From Mom and Dad, there were Samantha's birthday accessories.  Even the dolls got to celebrate at the party.

Sweet Gabrielle was gracious, excited and so thankful for all the generous gifts.  She was shining with enthusiasm and delight.  We sat down to sing over cake, and I couldn't have been more thankful for all the fun that we were able to have together as a family to celebrate her big day.

G-Bear loved her cake.  I had ordered the cake and decorated the top myself, which was a fun surprise.  It was a super day for G-Bear.  Thanks to GG, MoMo, Papa, Uncle C, Miss K, Uncle Carl, Aunt Sharon and Aunt Cindy for joining in all the fun and helping to make G-Bear feel so special for her birthday.

We love you, sweetie.  Happy eighth birthday, G-Bear!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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