Saturday, April 4, 2015

Breakfast Resurrection Rolls

Resurrection Rolls are a Holy Saturday breakfast tradition in our house.

We read John's account of Jesus' death and burial.  
This fun baking project is the perfect backdrop for the story.

Roll out the crescent dough,
count out one small marshmallow for each roll.

The white marshmallow represents Jesus.
Anoint the marshmallow, first in the oil, then in the "spices" (cinnamon sugar), 
just like Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimethea did for Jesus.

Then, lay the marshmallow in the crescent roll tomb, and carefully seal it up.
 Hints: make sure the marshmallow is in the center of the dough and REALLY seal the edges well.

Once we sealed our tombs, we dipped each one in more oil and spices. Yum :)
Now, they are ready to bake according to the crescent roll instructions.

Look, our rolls are ready!

 A few may burst open, but that only adds to the effect of the "empty tomb."

We ate ours with whipped cream and sprinkles, because in addition to Holy Saturday, we were celebrating a certain, special, eight-year-old birthday.  

This was such a tasty combination, 
we may have to make the whipped cream a part of our tradition as well.

There is a clear reason why these are a family favorite!
Come, Lord Jesus!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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