Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Ninja Turtle Fourth Birthday

This year, Buddy Bear chose a Ninja Turtle theme for his birthday party celebration.  

Buddy Bear usually starts thinking about his birthday in the fall, around the time that E-Bear starts talking about his.  Poor Buddy then has nearly six months to pine for his birthday before it arrives, including the celebrations of two other siblings birthdays before his.  

So, as one might imagine, when we announced that his birthday was finally going to arrive, he was thrilled.  He had chosen the theme months before, and the big day was heavily anticipated. 

Buddy Bear choose hamburgers and French fries for his birthday meal, and turtle masks were a huge hit, both as decorations and as party accessories.

For Buddy Bear’s birthday game, we played “Knock the cup tower” with our bows and arrows, which was a big deal because the arrows aren’t normally allowed in the living room.  

Everyone got a turn to shoot the arrows, and it was so fun each time the tower came tumbling down.

Notice Buddy Bear providing any necessary back-up for his older brother ;)

Buddy Bear was so excited to open his presents that he could hardly make it through the game (we skipped the pinning game for this very reason).  

He received beautiful, thoughtfully themed pictures from his brother and sister, over which he appropriately ‘oohed.’  
Ninja Turtle pictures and paper airplanes from big brother and sister.

He was also excited to receive two great Lego sets from Nana, hockey sticks & balls, fireman rain boots and a turtle helmet from T and me, and a scooter and Ninja Turtle cartoons from MoMo and Papa.  Our little guy was over the moon.  He could hardly wait to get out his Legos and build with E-Bear, who in turn couldn’t wait to help him.

I got to make Buddy Bear’s cake, and he was so excited about it that my heart melted.  I know I won’t always be able to please :)

 We had one incredibly happy four year old blowing out his candles that night.  

I am so grateful for the enthusiastic, inviting little man that he is.  “Thank you MOMMY!”  he said to me, more than once.  And once again, this mom’s heart melted.  You’re always welcome, Buddy Bear, and Happy Birthday to you!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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