Saturday, February 1, 2014

J-Bear at Nine Months

Dearest J-Bear,

How is it that you are nine months old today? 

You have now lived with us as long as you lived in my belly.
We can't believe how much you are changing everyday.

No more sitting for you. 

It's a big world out there, and you are ready to explore!

Now you are everywhere:
Chasing Robie, exploring the tree (still not down yet?!), digging in the potted plants,
sneaking books out of the book basket.  We can't contain you anymore.

I love watching you scoot through the playroom doors to join your siblings.
You have your favorite spot, right next to the music shelf.

When I sneak up to check on you, you always have a big, mischievous smile to share!

Mealtime is fun time these days.  E-Bear, your buddy, loves to help you with Cheerios.
You are always delighted to see him.  No one can make you laugh like E-Bear.

With a reach and a scoop,

you have a mouthful!

 Thank goodness you like applesauce and sweet potatoes too!

 You have lots to say, and we love to hear it.
We love your waves, your slaps for more, the way you shake your arms in the air when you are excited.  Your smile is award winning.  Your brothers and sisters can't get enough of it, and it is a challenge to keep them in their seats  (and away from entertaining you!) during mealtime.

You are adored, sweet girl.  
You've been such a trooper this winter in your purple puffy snowsuit.
You're sleeping better in your yellow magic suit (or perhaps now that you roll over).
I can always rely on you for a good afternoon nap.

Keep growing, J-Bear.  Our love grows for you everyday.
Lord, bless our sweet, sweet J-Bear.

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