Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day 2014

What is love? 

This week we have spent a good deal of time preparing for Valentine's parties and celebrations.  Our preparations gave us a great opportunity to talk about what real love is like.  How can we show love to others? 1 Corinthians 13 offers a lovely description of God's love, how in turn we must love others.  This week we focused on St. Paul's description of love.  This morning, the chalkboard in our kitchen read:

I took special note that St. Paul describes love first of all as 'patient.'
As I momma, I always need to reflect on how I can be more patient!

A view from our valentine craft table earlier this week:

 And our prayer for family dinner tonight, courtesy of G-Bears wonderful school teacher:

A Valentine Prayer
by Francine M O'Connor

Dear Jesus, on this Valentine's Day
will you be my Valentine?
Will you take your special love,
and set it in this heart of mine?

When I feel alone and small 
and no one seems to notice me,
remind of your loving call,
'Let the children come to me.'

When I fight with my good friend
as even best friends sometimes do,
let your commandment be my light:
'Love one another as I love you.'

When I see someone hungry and poor 
remind me about the good I can do.
'Do for them,' says your Golden Rule,
'what you would have them do for you.'

When people are lonely or sick or sad,
and I am too busy to help or to see,
may I remember the words you said,
'What you do for them, you do for me."

G-Bear's Valentine basket.

Help me, Jesus, to be like you,
gentle and thoughtful and kind.
Then I will be your Valentine,
just as you will always be mine.

Our card from E-Bear and my roses from T

Have a  wonderful Valentine's Day!  May our love for each other be ever richer, deeper, 
and more like God's love for us.

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