Thursday, February 27, 2014

Growing Buddy

Guess who is suddenly tall enough to turn on the light switch by himself?

Guess who is bussing his own dishes after dinner, 
putting on his own snow boots,
and sitting on the potty.

Guess who helps me by bringing J-Bear's diapers downstairs,
matches the silverware,
and passes out cereal bowls at breakfast?

Guess who goes out to the car and climbs in his seat,
sings 'Finding Nemo' songs and 'Jesus take my all' as we drive,
shovels the walkway and colors me pictures?

Guess who processes, "carrying the cross" around the house,
blesses his bread at meals,
and says sweet prayers each night before bedtime?

That's our Buddy Bear.  He's not too big, he's not too small.  He's just right.

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